chelsea home and leisure ltdFive Reasons Why You Should Buy Teakwood Furniture


Teak outdoor garden furniture could last for more than 75 years with the right treatment and care and even longer for indoor furniture.


Teak wood contains original natural oils. teak is used for making boats & decks it has a high weather tolerance which makes it ideal for garden furniture tables chairs benches ect.


Teak wood furniture is a great investment teak furniture is commonly past down to future generations.


The first things that people notice when they see teak furniture

Is how beautiful it is from the designs and shapes how it stands out the beauty of the wood the way it's sanded and finished makes it a must have.


It is easy to manage and maintain Stains, scratches, and scrapes they can be easily removed with sandpaper so no need to worry .

The Teak Tree (Tectona Grandis) is commonly from Indonesian islands it can take around 85 years before a teak tree is fully matured.

reclaimed teak wood and teak root is commonly used to make beautiful teak furniture.

we are proud sponsors of the Indonesian rainforest foundation for every tree that is felled another one is replaced in its place.