Teak offers numerous options to offer elegance and beauty to your garden making you feel relaxed and comfortable all the time.

If you are looking to decorate your garden in the most versatile way, teak furniture can be the best option for you. Teak wood furniture with its natural oil content makes furniture strong, water-resistant, termite-resistant, rot-resistant, and can stand un-effected in extreme climatic conditions. It is long lasting, durable, strong, appealing, and graceful addition to your garden and patio.

Choose the best teak for your garden furnishing

Everyone has different tests and preferences. Every garden and home is different. Choosing the right teak wood furniture for garden depends on the personal style, space available, living situation, and your budget. Here are the main styles of furniture that you can consider buying for your garden:

  • Dining sets
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Rocking chairs
  • Benches
  • Loungers
  • Deep seating sets
  • Shower benches
  • Floor mats

Let us discuss on each style of teak garden furniture one-by-one!

Teak Dining Sets

Having meal in the garden with family and friends is really enjoying. The only thing you need is teak dining sets. The teak dining sets comes with seating for between 2 to 12 persons or even more. Choosing the right dining set depends on how many people are there in your family and the garden area where you are going to put the dining set in. Many larger teak dining sets has removable extensions or folding wings making it extra-large for extra-guests on special occasions. They are also available with hidden leaves giving you the maximum flexibility. Generally, the teak dining tables come with a small hole in the center where you can put an umbrella for shade. Small sized dining sets are best for smaller families. They are available in circular, oval and square, shapes. The small sized dining tables are best if you have small space in the garden.

Adirondack Chairs

If you want to give rustic, country look to your garden and provide comfort; the Adirondack chairs are best to choose from. You can sit and relax in the extra wide armrests enjoy reading magazine, playing games on laptop along with a plate of snacks and a cup of coffee. The Adirondack chairs are available in variety of shapes and designs. Adirondack chairs are the single most versatile piece that can add elegance to outdoor furniture.

Teak Rocking Chairs

Rocking chair can be classic wooden addition to your porch front to the garden. You can sit and relax in the rocking chair enjoy reading the book or watching the rain.

Teak Benches

Teak benches are the most versatile way to furnish and add beauty to your outdoor décor. The teak benches are available in all sizes and shapes. It is a nice place for a couple of people to sit. You can keep the bench either in the garden or on a front porch. The regular teak benches are available with backs and if you want backless, you can have the same.

Teak Loungers

To make your morning and evening retreat a luxurious one, you simply need a lounger. Sun loungers are the best outdoor furniture piece if you like lounging around in the sun. The loungers help you to revamp your garden and enjoy your leisure hours in absolute privacy. The teak loungers come with set of wheels, making it easy to move around. Most of the lounge chairs come with a tray that slides out where you can keep a drink, plate of food, newspaper or book. They are also available in pairs.

Teak Deep Seating Sets

The teak deep seating set is the ultimate luxury teak furniture for your garden. It is great to enjoy snacks and drinks sitting with family and friends in a deep seating set in a warm climate. It transforms your garden into a comfy living space where you can relax all day. They are available in different styles and combinations with a configuration of 5-piece set including a sofa, 2 chairs, a coffee table and end table.

Teak Shower Benches and Floor Mats

If you have a pool in your garden or backyard, consider buying a teak shower bench and a teak shower mat. These are the perfect pieces for an outdoor shower. As teak wood is naturally resistant to water damage, the teak shower bench and floor mat adds a sophisticated touch to the pool in your garden.

Teak Occasional Tables

The teak occasion tables can be a great addition those comes in teak coffee tables and teak end tables. They are available in appealing designs and shapes including oval, round, and rectangular extensions. The teak tables offer added comfort for placing the coffee, plate of food, books, etc. if you don’t have any arrangements for chairs or loungers.

The teak offers top most luxury to your garden furniture making it look beautiful and appealing. It offers a wide range outdoor furniture options to add luxury, beauty, ease, and comfort to your garden.