Great garden furniture brings ease, comfort, and function to the outdoor spaces. Right from basic table, chair, to comfortable loungers and benches, they can be transformed into luxury and style. It can be the best dining destination where you can enjoy delicious food with your family. Or it can be the best place where you can relax reading your favorite author. Even more, resting in lounger placed in the garden can be a great way to breathe fresh air in the morning and evening. For years teak has been one of the most popular materials used in furnishing. The demand for teak garden furniture has increased in recent years. The furniture manufacturer also insists choosing teak for making indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak wood is preferred for outdoor furnishings. Teak shower benches, tables, chairs, loungers, etc. are some of the popular choices for outdoor garden furnishings. Teak is a tropical hardwood tree native to Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and India. It nestles several important properties making it the best hardwood for making furniture. The qualities that teak wood possesses include: High in natural oil and rubber content Close grained hardwood Suitable for carving and can be carved with great detail Hardest, strongest, and most durable of all natural woods Resistant to rotting   Luxury Extending Teak Table With 8 Stacking Teak Chairs Resistant to the effects of hot sun, frost, rain; making it best for outdoor furnitureTeak is expensive and sometimes hard to find or purchase. That is why it becomes necessary to be very careful while choosing the best quality teak for your outdoor furnishings. Teak wood grades When you decide to use teak for making outdoor furniture, it is advised to consider the quality of the teak wood. Usually, the teak woods are marked with grades namely A, B, or C. Grade-A teak is considered as best quality teak wood. It is a mature teak that fetches a very good price due to its very dense and tough core. A-Grade teak is saturated with natural teak oil that helps protecting the teak from moisture, termites, and other insects. If you are looking for quality teak furniture Grade-A teak will be the best choice. Investing in A-Grade teak can be a wise decision making you enjoy the quality outdoor furniture for several decades to come. Grade-B teak is semi-mature in nature. It is lighter duller color with greater variation than Grade-A teak. It is not oil as Grade-A teak, and have uneven grains with slightly less of shine. Grade-C teak is much softer, very patchy with high contrast in color. It is very easy to get damaged. It has larger color variations, no oil content, large water content, and is not ideal for practical usage. It is very cheap to buy and is not at all recommended for indoor as well as outdoor furnishings. This is a very weak timber having a very low lifespan. Investing in Grade-C teak is not at all recommended for any reason. Teak Wood Furniture Finish Options

The teak tables, chairs, loungers, etc. are available in three general choices

  1. Natural or Unfinished The natural or unfinished teak usually turns a silvery gray when exposed to harsh weather. If you love to see this this starting to happen to your garden furniture, it is best to select unfinished teak wood furniture for your garden.
  2. Pre-Weathered If love to have silvery touch to your garden furniture, it is best to look for pre-weathered teak wood. This makes it easier to choose the fabrics and accents.
  3. Sealed Sealed teak wood can wear down over a course of time and thus needs more careful maintenance as compared to the two types listed above.

Color Finishes For Outdoor Furnishings There are endless options available to the natural tones of teak wood. You can have silvery looking teak wood for your garden. The golden brown color also offer several designs and grains making your garden furniture look stylish and appealing. [caption id="attachment_5951" align="aligncenter" width="300"]teak garden furniture teak table with bowood chairs teak tables[/caption] Verities of furniture for outdoor garden There are several options available in furnishing especially made up of teak wood. Choosing the best garden furniture depends on the style, personal feel, space available and budget. Here are some furnishing options that you can consider for your garden:

  • Deep seating seats
  • Rocking chairs or benches
  • Large and small dining sets
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Sun loungers
  • Shower benches
  • Floor mats

There are endless options available in teak dining tables. They are available in square, rectangle, oval, and round shapes. Finally, when you are looking to choose teak for outdoor furniture, it is necessary to select the best type of teak wood that can last long for extended duration. Regular wiping and scheduled oiling can make your luxury teak furniture preserve its beauty and looks gorgeous all the time. You might pay a little more today to get teak, but you will be glad that you purchase highest quality wood for your garden.