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Who We Are

Chelsea Home and Leisure are a family run company that specialises in the sale and distribution of indoor and outdoor furniture. We supply hotels pubs restaurants and have clients right across the UK and europe we exhibit many of our products at exhibitions and outlet centres across the country. We believe that are products are some of the finest crafted products on the market and it is through this quality that we have gained so many loyal clients.

Quality a Guarantee

You can rest assured that when you place an order with us that you will only receive the highest quality products and that we can guarantee. We do give a guarantee on all our products which covers the manufacture, durability and the design of the products. If you would like to know more about this then you can contact our friendly team on 0207 060 6412 for further information
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Excellent Customer Service

Our repuation has been built on providing a high level of customer service to our clients and this is something that we pride ourselves on. Our friendly family run company is always happy to deal with any queries that you may have regarding our products and services and you can rest assured they will always be dealt with in a timely manner.

Latest Products

Luxury Extending Teak Table With 8 Stacking Teak Chairs


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Unusual Items

Teak Wood Seat stool
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Best ideas about teak garden furniture, teak tables, teak furniture

Our company has long years of history, which includes our best quality teak furniture supplied with best care. Though our company was inspired by the beautiful park and garden teak benches of England but we try to work with today’s more casual and easy going lifestyle and furniture designs. These innovations of unique designs became the foundation stone for our business. We are very happy to provide our customers durable, beautiful furniture solution for home, business, parks, schools, churches etc. our architects and designers are well trusted with providing high standards of their work. We are wholesale suppliers of furniture and even manufacture all types of furniture. all are wood furniture comes from sustainable plantations which are FSC certified so all the furniture can be traced back to the source of the wood .We are a manufacturer that provides exclusive indoor and outdoor furniture for our customers.

Why our furniture is best?

Our designs are customised according to the customers from antique deigns to modern comfort designs. It is in our company’s legacy to put our heart in everything we do. Latest and high quality fabrics and hardware are used in our designs of high back fabric chairs,, rollback seats solid wood benches etc. Our company ensures you the best of the time designs from classical garden to parks designs. Our collection includes teak tables, teak garden furniture like benches & chairs, umbrellas, cushions ,wine racks, planters and recliners , Sofas and chaises, dining accessories, teak root candles, bath and spa accessories, engraved memorial benches , and the most important is teak care products.

Our services
We can guarantee our best service because our motive is customer satisfaction with best quality product. We have trained specialists to help you to get the best, accurate and appropriate product. You can select your own size, style, and scale as per your needs and our specialists will get the best for you. You can also find a wide range of inventory designs of our products. We provide the following:

teak is best suitable for making boats and furniture that require resistance to the elements. Teak is great for outdoor furniture .Teak furniture has become a status symbol now days because of its high price more than any other wood. With proper care teak furniture can last up to 70 years. This type of furniture is usually passed on to future generations.

teak is the most premier choice when it comes to outdoor garden furniture. It is resistant to mould, mildew and insects because of its high rubber and oil quality. Its long lasting wood is best for outdoors. A soft sliver coloured patina is developed over time. Use teak preserver annually for new look of the wood. Teak is great solid wood with variety of designs this makes teak a versatile material. If you are looking for lifetime furniture go for high quality teak.

Suar wood tables:

these tables are made from rain tree. This rain tree is also called monkey pod and is a large tropical rain tree with the heights of 25m. This wood is a good choice for sizeable table tops because of its hardiness and striking wood grains. Such tables are great for dinning, conferences etc.

Reclaimed teak furniture:

wood that has been harvested and milled for decades and is used into crafting houses, furniture and flooring. This wood is re crafted into new projects. Our teak is recovered from central java, Indonesia. This wood is strong and durable because the original timbers consisted of large old growth trees. To remove old finishes, varnishes, oils. Dirt and other particles the old wood is cleaned well. Each piece of wood is sand well for proper finishing and to restore the grain and the colour later this wood is crafted into wishful designs. Computerised ovens are used to dry this wood to obtain the optimum moisture content.